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2014-04-25 | 2 Malaysia kidnap victims now in Philippine jungle
Muslim militants have brought a Chinese tourist and a Filipino hotel receptionist to their jungle stronghold in the southern Philippines after kidnapping the women from a dive resort in eastern Malaysia early this month, security officials said Friday.

2014-04-25 | Mix-Ups Prompt DNA Tests for South Korea Ferry Victims
Parents of youngsters aboard the doomed South Korean ferry are facing the heartbreaking task of trying to identify bodies that are so badly decomposed that DNA tests are often necessary to confirm its their loved one. “Because the bodies have been under water for days, even parents don’t recognize their children anymore,” a coast guard official told Korea's Yonhap news agency.

2014-04-22 | In Syria, journalists’ kidnap sends worrying signal
The French government has denied that it paid a ransom for the journalists, who were kidnapped in two separate incidents last summer. But two European intelligence agents involved in the cases of other hostages said they thought the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had received a sizable payment for releasing the journalists.

2014-04-22 | Craigslist Robbery, Kidnapping Suspects Arrested
Two robbery suspects who allegedly met their victim through a Craigslist ad are in jail on armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom charges.

2014-04-22 | As identification continues of South Korea ferry victims, families cling to hope
The bodies are transported to Jindo island, about an hour's boat ride away, as rescuers notify families waiting at the port, or at a gymnasium where many are sheltering. Bodies without IDs are described to officials in Jindo who relay the details to the relatives. At the dock, bodies are taken to a white tent for another inspection, then transported by ambulance to another tent. A coroner there cleans up the bodies, mostly to wipe off oil and dirt and straighten limbs, and then the families file in.

2014-04-20 | How are recovered bodies identified?
When bodies are recovered, the first procedure is to check the personal belongings of the victim, and their physical appearance, such as their height. If the body is able to be identified, the family is contacted, so they can confirm with their own eyes. If the body can't be identified, the body is sent to a nearby hospital for examination, which includes taking DNA samples and fingerprint identification. Blood tests and biopsies are taken if the recovered body has been severely damaged. However, with fears of a sudden rush of bodies being recovered at once, and complaints that the procedures have been inefficient, medical experts have begun collecting DNA samples from relatives of the missing passengers.

2014-04-15 | Semporna resort kidnap: Authorities receive proof Chinese national is alive
Sabah police commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib confirmed that they have received a photograph of Gao Hua Yuan taken in the southern Philippines. He, however, declined to say when the picture was taken and received by state police. Hamza also refused to comment if police had received any fresh ransom demands

2014-04-14 | 2 members of kidnap-for-ransom group killed in raid
At least two members of a kidnap-for-ransom group were killed on Monday in a pre-dawn raid in Zamboanga City, an official said. Senior Superintendent Angelito Casimiro, city police director, said six others, including a village chairman who is a commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and a police officer were captured and a member of the police Special Action Force (SAF) was also wounded during the operation following a shootout against the suspects.

2014-04-14 | Even the 99 percent get kidnapped in Mexico
Once the plutocrats’ plague, kidnapping for ransom in Mexico has gone decidedly mass market. Shopkeepers and family physicians, carpenters and taxi drivers: All have been targeted in recent years as minions of young criminals enter a trade long run by guerrillas and gangland bosses. That puts Mexico, along with Colombia and Venezuela, among the world’s most kidnap-prone countries.

2014-04-14 | Kidnapped Venezuelan Journalist Freed
A high-profile Venezuelan journalist was freed on Monday after a week-long kidnapping that brought attention once again to the South American country's endemic violent crime. Nairobi Pinto, 32-year-old head of correspondents for private TV station Globovision, was found in the town of Cua, about 60 km (38 miles) south of the capital, Caracas, authorities said.

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