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2012-07-13 | Most kidnap cases resolved, says Bakri
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s top cop today dismissed the notion that kidnap cases in the country were on the rise, but in fact were on a downtrend due to effective efforts to track down and smash kidnapping syndicates.

2012-07-13 | Solving the puzzle of the identity of the plane crash victims
In the morgue they were horrified to find that the bodies were completely destroyed. "No body was intact. Scorched and destroyed into parts," Rusyad said. "One body bag might contain remains of six separate bodies. There were parts of legs, broken skulls and teeth scattered about." "The bodies were maggot-ridden," he said. The harsh terrain and uncertain weather conditions caused the bodies to be decomposed and maggot-ridden," he said.

2012-07-13 | Surviving plane crash victim identified
Virginia State Police identified the surviving pilot in Monday’s deadly mid-air crash as a 70-year-old man from Broad Run in Fauquier County.

2012-07-13 | More Body parts located from Air Disaster
“Only three body parts were found and it is normal in the search process,” Gagah Prakoso, spokesman of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) told the Jakarta Globe. “I don’t think it is a big deal that should be blown up. Have pity on the family. If we find a hand, does the family have to reopen the coffin?”

2012-07-13 | American Kidnapped in Benin, Ransom Demanded
An American has been kidnapped in Benin, according to U.S. officials. The information was brought to light by the U.S. Embassy website for the West African country of Benin, though very little information has been released about the situation. The individual in-question has not yet been identified, though officials assure American nationals there is no indication that others are currently at risk.

2012-07-13 | Report: American kidnapped in Benin lured by contacts made on Internet
A U.S. citizen kidnapped in Benin was lured to the West African country by criminals the American met online, sources told Reuters new agency Wednesday.

2012-07-13 | Hopes remain for recovery of Pike bodies
The Pike River Royal Commission has yet to deliver its findings on the disaster and the mine is now in new hands - Solid Energy says it wants to bring the bodies out, but it could take a year.

2012-07-13 | FBI foils $20 million kidnapping plot of Palm Beach County man
If the kidnapped man’s wife would not pay the ransom, the kidnappers planned to cut off the victim’s fingers or hand, and send the body parts to her, according to a federal criminal complaint made public Thursday

2012-07-13 | Pike River mine families told bodies of loved ones will never come home
The families of two Scots miners killed when a series of explosions ripped through the Pike River mine in New Zealand are facing up to the devastating realisation that the bodies are unlikely to ever be recovered.

2012-07-13 | US national kidnapped in Benin after Internet scam freed by police
A security source told the news agency that the man had been abducted after journeying to Benin to meet a group of people from both Benin and Nigeria whom he had encountered online. The kidnappers then contacted his family and demanded they pay a ransom for his release

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