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2015-04-14 | Isotopes Unlock Clues in Unidentified Human Remains
With some 10,000 open cases of unidentified human remains in the U.S. today, the research’s results will have real-life implications for law enforcement, medical examiners and families looking for answers.

2015-04-13 | UP man declared 'killed' in mishap returns home
Samar Bahadur Yadav alias Raju had not only been declared killed in the mishap, his ‘body’ too had been handed over to his kin after postmortem, who then had ‘cremated’ him and also held his terahavin (a community feast held on the 13th day marking the end of rituals).

2015-04-10 | DNA helps state police identify remains of 2 missing teenagers
A new Michigan State Police unit that is focused on identifying previously unidentified John and Jane Does is being credited with two recent identifications of missing 14-year-old girls.

2015-04-08 | Identifying the Bodies of Border Crossers
Since 2000, more than 6,000 people have died trying to cross undocumented into the U.S. These are only the remains that have been found. We currently have more than 2,000 reports for people who are still missing on the border, presumably whose bodies either haven't been found or haven't been identified. Very few Americans know this is happening. Our goals are to support the efforts made by the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner (PCOME), a small office in Southern AZ, to identify presumed migrants who've lost their lives in the attempt to cross the border. This is a very difficult task considering many travel without identification, or with false identification, and are often not found till long after their death, making the options for identification extremely limited.

2015-04-02 | Germanwings crash: Bodies recovered, but families must wait months for identification
JUST over a week after a Germanwings plane crashed into the French Alps, investigators have finished retrieving human remains from the crash site and are now trying to match them with DNA profiles from the 150 people killed — an arduous task that could leave families waiting for months.

2015-02-24 | American Is Kidnapped in Nigeria
An American missionary was kidnapped on Monday from a school in central Nigeria in an area prone to kidnappings for ransom, officials said Tuesday.

2015-01-26 | In Emergencies, Companies Are Turning to Employee-Tracking Services
Gone are the days when firms used hard-paper itineraries to keep track of travelers; now GPS technology allows employers to locate employees in circumstances like the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Sydney. If an emergency occurs, the employer can push out alerts; apps also allow employees to request help, via a virtual panic button on their smartphone.

2014-12-20 | Tsunami policeman's sadness as he recalls mission to identify British victims among thousands of bodies
The now retired Metropolitan Police officer was at the start of a gruelling 15-month mission to identify the 152 British victims and allow their heartbroken relatives to grieve properly. Thanks to this determined dad of two and his team all but six of the victims’ bodies were recovered.

2014-12-17 | The foreign political risk to local business
Whether it be war, acts of terrorism, protests, or a kidnapping, political and security risks are inherently unpredictable, as recent events in Hong Kong and Ukraine have shown. “It is very much a moving target on a week-to-week basis depending on what is happening around the world,” says Michael Lincoln, National Underwriting Manager for Crisis Management Solutions at Liberty International Underwriters.

2014-12-17 | 199 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico in 2014
Almost 200 Americans have been kidnapped in Mexico this past year; 79 of those kidnappings took place just south of the Texas border in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, according to an FBI interview with Breitbart Texas. While the Mexican government continues to praise their security campaign in Tamaulipas, shootouts, kidnappings, extortions and highway robberies continue to plague the border state. In Mexico a person is kidnapped every six hours, according to the statistics published by Mexico’s National Citizens Observatory, a non-profit organization that keeps track of crime figures.

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