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2012-07-13 | Most Wanted Trans-border Kidnappers: How police arrested suspects 5 yrs after
The man, identified as Emmanuel Nwangwu, who worked barely one month before absconding with the little girl, didn’t show any signs that may have attracted the attention of his employees to his evil intention.

2012-07-13 | Sukhoi Team Hopes Russian Expert Can Aid Identification
Russian DNA expert Pavel Ivanov on Thursday arrived at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital to help identify the victims of last week’s Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash.

2012-07-13 | Part one: The Joplin tornado through a coroner’s eyes
A local boy since the fourth grade, Chappel, now 40, would see the human toll of the tornado like no one else. He would handle frantic calls from mothers, husbands and wives who just wanted to know whether their loved ones’ bodies were at the morgue. He would take heat as a temporary villain, accused of prolonging families’ pain by not releasing the dead for days, some even more than a week.

2012-07-13 | Nigeria: Delta Records 350 Kidnap Cases in One Year
In the wake of increasing kidnap activities in Delta State, no fewer than 350 kidnap cases have been recorded, 46 killed while 304 others were rescued between 2011 to date, police reports revealed.

2012-07-13 | Part two: A coroner's nightmare
The refrigerated trucks are set up and running, bodies already inside. Members of a federal mortuary team — known as DMORT, short for Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team — have arrived. They’re setting up their equipment inside an abandoned fertilizer warehouse, a building without running water or air conditioning, the new makeshift morgue. The team’s DNA expert is stuck in Boston, and the process of identifying bodies won’t start until tomorrow.

2012-07-13 | Families ‘must be ready’ to see Sukhoi remains
The chief of the National Police’s Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) unit is advising the families of the Sukhoi plane crash victims who remain mentally fragile not to see the remains of their loved ones. Sr. Comr. Anton Castilani told The Jakarta Post that despite attempts from officials to reconstruct the bodies, many body parts have yet to be found.

2012-07-13 | Nigeria: Kidnapped Pastor Found Dead in Imo After Payment of N500,000 Ransom
Owerri — The lifeless body of Pastor Anslem Iwuala has been picked up by members of his immediate family, seven days after he was kidnapped and a N500,000 paid to the hoodlums to secure his freedom.

2012-07-13 | The untold story of Continental Flight 11
Since 2008, I have been searching for the coroner or the FBI reports to find the accurate names and other information about the Continental Airlines Boeing 707 Flight 11 that crashed near Unionville on May 22, 1962, killing all 45 crew members and passengers. Despite letters to Continental Airlines and other inquiries, I was unsuccessful.

2012-07-13 | How prostitute organized kidnap of customer
Esther Felix was a regular call girl at Pekas, a popular night club at the highbrow Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, until recently when she ran into trouble for organizing the abduction of one of her customers, who happened to be a citizen of the United States of America and the son of a Lagos-based business man (names withheld).

2012-07-13 | Afghan militants kidnap two charity workers and their guides
Two foreign medical workers and their three Afghan translators have been abducted in a remote part of north-east Afghanistan.

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