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2012-08-05 | Tamil Nadu Express blaze: Three more bodies identified
After an agonising wait for four days, the families of three persons, who perished in the fire on the Tamil Nadu Express, received the mortal remains of their loved ones at last on Thursday when the DNA tests confirmed the identification of the deceased. Since the tragic mishap occurred on Monday, the bodies of 24 of the 32 passengers who died have been identified and handed over to their families so far.

2012-08-05 | Tarrant medical examiner's office hopes to identify bodies
All are believed to be Hispanic, and their identities continue to elude authorities. This week, the Tarrant County medical examiner's office released pictures of their faces and tattoos in hope that someone can identify the men, all buried in pauper's graves.

2012-08-02 | Italian guard kidnapped at gunpoint by Yemeni tribesman
The man, who works as a guard at the Italian embassy in the capital, was abducted on Sunday as he walked on the street near the mission's building.

2012-08-01 | Two Months on, Nuevo Leon Massacre Victims Remain Unidentified
None of the 49 dismembered bodies dumped in May on a highway in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, have been identified by police, part of a growing number of unidentified victims in Mexico's drug war.

2012-08-01 | Five more bodies recovered from Gayari Sector
The total number of recovered bodies has reached 66. According to ISPR spokesman, the rescue teams have recovered five more bodies and they have been shifted to hospital and the process for their identification had started. The spokesman said that NADRA special teams had been engaged to identify the bodies through biometric system.

2012-08-01 | Kidnapping for ransom on the rise in Pakistan
There is dire need for an inter-provincial strategy to deal with a sharp rise in kidnapping for ransom cases across Pakistan. Kidnapping is a business for organised crime syndicates and terrorist organisations alike, who often work in tandem across inter-provincial borders.

2012-08-01 | Kidnapping for ransom a flourishing business in Sindh
LARKANA: Money-making through kidnapping for ransom has become a flourishing business in Sindh. Definitely there may be many more cases, but this correspondent has confirmed reports of more than 44 abducted people languishing in the “prisons” of bandits who enjoy the benedictions of influential people, due to which the police appear helpless and do not take action.

2012-08-01 | PMA Balochistan to boycott hospitals against kidnapping
Pakistan Medical Association (BPMA) Balochistan chapter on Thursday announced a complete boycott of the government and private hospitals from today (Friday) following government's apparent inaction over the non-recovery of Associate Professor Dr Din Muhammad Baloch.

2012-08-01 | Despite Tattoos & Pleas, Body Lay In Morgue
The experience has left the family outraged, wondering what went wrong to allow 18-year-old Bello to sit for two months in a morgue, even after the police had a detailed description of him.

2012-08-01 | NYPD detective suspended after cops find man tied up and being held for ransom in officer’s garage
An NYPD detective was suspended without pay after cops found a bound man being held for ransom in the garage of the officer’s Queens home, law enforcement sources said Saturday.

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