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2012-07-13 | Kidnap Ordeal
The wave of kidnappings that has hit the country is not confined to a particular area and is spread all over. One of the biggest worries is that the Taliban are employing kidnappings for ransom as a fundraising tool.

2012-07-13 | Railway has tough time identifying deceased
Identification of bodies became difficult for the railway employees at Penukonda station in Andhra Pradesh where the Hampi-Bangalore Express rammed into a stationary goods train, killing 25 persons on Tuesday.

2012-07-13 | Nigeria: Prominent Nsukka Businessman Kidnapped, Wife Escapes
The kidnappers of Okey Ike, a prominent building materials businessman, took him away with his car to an unknown place only to abandon the car at a distance from the point he was kidnapped. Mrs. Ike, wife of the kidnapped businessman told Crime Alert that she was with her husband when the kidnappers struck and abducted him.

2012-07-13 | Afghan gunmen seek ransom to free aid workers
KABUL Gunmen in Afghanistan are demanding money for the release of five aid workers, including two western women doctors, held in remote mountains and authorities have opened negotiations in the hope of freeing them, an investigator said on Thursday.

2012-07-13 | Why America scours the earth for its fallen servicemembers
This is when he made his hardest decision — to flee — and his most important promise, one as old as war. "I told the men that I couldn't take them with me," he would recall. "But I would be back to take care of them."

2012-07-13 | NGO loses another official in Balochistan
QUETTA, May 25: Another official of the Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP), an NGO, has been killed by kidnappers in North Waziristan after non-payment of the huge ransom they had demanded.

2012-07-13 | Kidnapped Saudi envoy urges king not to forget him
DUBAI/SANAA (Reuters) - A Saudi diplomat kidnapped by al Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen appealed to his king in an Internet video not to forget him and to meet his abductors' demand for the release of women prisoners.

2012-07-13 | American kidnapped in West African nation of Benin
"I can confirm an American got kidnapped in Benin last week," Melissa Ford, a spokeswoman for the US embassy in neighbouring Nigeria, told AFP, indicating she had no other details.

2012-07-13 | Defence against the dark arts
Latin America is an area which often doesn’t get as much press, perhaps because people are a bit more used to the fact that kidnappings go on there.It is certainly one of the more ‘mature’ areas of the world for both respondents and the gangs themselves so in places like Colombia, Mexico, and to a lesser extent Venezuela and Peru there are still very, very high numbers of kidnappings going on.

2012-07-13 | Four kidnap Sudanese trader, demand $400,000 ransom
Dubai: Four Arab suspects kidnapped and tortured a Sudanese trader with an iron before demanding a $400,000 ransom, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

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