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2014-04-14 | Philippine Government Reiterates No Ransom Policy
The Philippine government on Monday reiterated that it will continue to observe its "no ransom policy" in handling kidnapping cases, reports China's Xinhua news agency. "The (Philippine government's) policy against paying ransom stands," said Deputy Presidential Spokesman Abigail Valte. Valte also said the operation launched by the military in southern Philippines to rescue the two victims who were abducted from Sabah, Malaysia is ongoing.

2014-04-10 | N.C. Kidnap Victim Abducted in 'Elaborate' Plot Tied to Inmate
The suspects accused of abducting a North Carolina man for ransom sent his wife chilling text messages that they would dismember him and send his body to her “in 6 boxes” if she contacted cops, authorities said. Some of the grisly threats were detailed in an affidavit released Thursday, a day after FBI agents rescued Frank Arthur Janssen, 63, from an Atlanta apartment complex.

2014-04-10 | Semporna resort kidnap: RM36.4mil ransom demand for Chinese tourist, Zahid reveals
KUALA LUMPUR: Abductors of two women from a resort off Semporna have demanded RM36.4mil for the release of a Chinese tourist, Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi revealed.

2014-04-08 | Philippine gang behind kidnap of Chinese tourist in Malaysia: police
Malaysian authorities have pinpointed kidnap-for-ransom groups in southern Philippines as the culprits behind the kidnap of a Chinese tourist and a Filipino worker on a resort in the Malaysian district of Semporna on the island of Borneo, reports the Global Times, a tabloid under the auspices of the Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily. The tourist, 29-year-old Gao Huayuan, was on her phone on the veranda outside her room at the Singamata Reef Resort on April 2 when she was grabbed by seven gunmen armed with M14 rifles. The gunmen had already taken resort staff member Marcy Dayawan hostage and together they were forced onto a boat.

2014-04-08 | California Private Investigator Warns College Students on Spring Break
According to the US State Department, there will be approximately 100,000 college students traveling to Mexico on Spring Break, many without parental supervision. According to the crisis management division of American International Group (AIG), an international insurance and financial services organization, there are over 20,000 reported Kidnap-for-Ransom incidents annually, and 48% of these occur in Latin America. However, this number does not include any unreported incidents. As a result, it is believed that 100,000 cases per year is a more realistic figure. Worldwide Intelligence Network works closely with one of the most renown Kidnap for Ransom Negotiators for Latin America, Michael Clayton.

2014-04-07 | XL Group Announces Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance in US and New Crisis Management Advisory Services
With its new Comprehensive Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KRE) Crisis Policy and an agreement with one of world's top risk consultancies, XL Group's US Crisis Management team is helping individuals and businesses safely navigate a riskier world. Through an agreement with Terra Firma Risk Management LLP, XL Group's new KRE coverage is accompanied by response capabilities and crisis management guidance.

2014-04-07 | Venezuelan Globovision editor Nairobi Pinto kidnapped
Nairobi Pinto was seized by two masked gunmen at her home in the capital Caracas, her father Luis said. He asked the kidnappers to "see sense" and release his daughter. Kidnappings, especially for ransom, are not uncommon in Venezuela, and a number of diplomats, as well as businessmen and athletes, have been abducted over the past years. While the majority of those kidnapped for ransom are released hours or days after they were taken, some kidnap victims have been killed or died from injuries sustained during their ordeal.

2014-04-07 | New Technique Better Identifies Mummified Mexican Border Crossers In Arizona
About 180 unidentified Mexican border crossers die in Arizona each year trying to enter the United States — their bodies usually surrendering to heat exhaustion and dehydration. And because the extreme heat causes the bodies to quickly mummify, the process of obtaining fingerprints is nearly impossible. Dr. Greg Hess is Pima County Medical Examiner, and his office sees more cases of mummified border crossers than any other in the country.

2014-04-06 | Semporna resort kidnap: No ransom calls have been made, says Esscom chief
No ransom calls have been made to either of the families of the two women abducted from the Singamata Reef Resort off Semporna on Wednesday. Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) director-general Mohammad Mentek (pic) said that the only phone call was made to the family of Chinese tourist Gao Hua Yuan several hours after Gao and Filipina resort worker Marcy Darawan were kidnapped by seven gunmen at about 10.30pm on Wednesday. “It was not a ransom call. From the information we have received, the caller just told the family that the two women were safe with them,” Mohammad said, adding that Gao had also spoken to her family to say she was all right.

2014-04-03 | Mudslide victim identification a painstaking process
As medical examiners painstakingly piece together the identities and lives of the 29 people known killed when a mudslide wiped out a small Washington community, one mystery troubles them. One set of remains does not fit with the description on the missing persons list, which, as of Wednesday included 18 people.

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