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Customized Training


Training is a necessary component of maintaining maximum employee performance in any business, and that is especially true in fields where scientific or technological advances occur frequently. Training can be expensive and time-consuming, but not always successful, often because “One-Size-Fits-All” training programs are used regardless of the specific training needs of the learners. As part of our Customized Forensic Solution Process, we spend time understanding your goals and challenges, and develop training targeted to what your laboratory needs.


At Schwarz Forensic Enterprises (SFE), we develop our customized training while keeping in mind your cost and time, without a lot of unnecessary content and without the need for employees to attend expensive offsite programs. We can make training materials available in format designed to reach all of your current and future employees, allowing you to recoup your investment again and again.


At SFE, our training is not only customized, but it is based on known principles of adult learning and on sound instructional design to maximize its impact. We will train your staff on exactly what they need to know to do their job and to become an expert at it, and then we will get them back to doing their job. In fact, with some learning platforms, learners won’t even have to leave their desk!


And, we can conduct outcomes assessments to ensure that your employees have mastered the content and techniques they need, and offer remediation materials or instruction if they haven’t.