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Biometric Identification: What Is It?


Biometric IdentificationBiometric identification is the use of physiological and behavioral characteristics of an individual. It is the careful collection of information on all actionable and relevant individual characteristics for use in rapid and positive identification under almost any circumstances. Once collected, information is archived to provide a comprehensive profile of an individual. At Schwarz Forensic Enterprises (SFE), information is collected onsite by subject matter experts (see “About Us” tab) to ensure its integrity and reliability. SFE will design a customized data storage plan to guarantee security and integrity of the biometric identification data.

No single method of identification (or characteristic) can be used on its own to quickly and effectively to identify an individual in all situations. The SFE Biometric Identification profile provides redundancy. It anticipates and solves identification problems in real world scenarios. Biometric identification is a rapid, accurate and irrefutable form of identification.

Other forms of human identification can be used under more limited circumstances, because they often require local scientific resources and subject matter expertise. In addition, most other methods cannot be used for exclusion.
Medical information or other previously collected information is often not as accurate or accessible as people think, and using this type of information to piece together identification is costly and time-consuming.

Biometric information is durable. Time does not alter fingerprints or DNA.
The SFE Biometric Identification profile is based on consent – eliminating concerns with medical privacy laws.