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Backlog Reduction


Backlog Reduction “Laboratories processed 10 percent more forensic DNA cases in 2011 than in 2009….Hiring additional DNA analysts, retraining trained personnel, automating work processes, implementing new technologies and altering business practices offer potential solutions to reducing DNA backlog.” – National Institute of Justice Special Report: Making Sense of DNA Backlogs 2012 --- Myths vs. Reality, p.5  

Schwarz Forensic Enterprises (SFE) understands the challenges of and barriers to reducing or eliminating a backlog in all areas of forensic analysis, whether it is for latent print examination or processing, DNA identification, pattern impression evidence examination, drug chemistry testing or other disciplines. Using our customized process, we will work with you to understand your specific needs and to develop a cost-effective solution for reducing your backlog.


SFE has a network of certified, qualified, proficiency-tested professionals that can be hired at an hourly rate to reduce your backlog, working either on- or offsite. SME dedicated solely to reducing your backlog can provide you with high quality results for less than the hourly cost of a salaried employee with benefits, who also has other responsibilities and obligations (eg, preparing for court, validations, etc) that require a significant investment of time.