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Schwarz Forensic Enterprises (SFE) can help corporations to identify and manage their unique security needs. Many corporations already have biometrics in place to support corporate security, risk management and fraud prevention. But have these processes been validated by experts? Have you considered all possibilities? SFE can help you to plan and prepare for the unthinkable—an internal or external security breach, identification of an executive during a catastrophic event, a non-criminal matter to which local law enforcement won’t respond. You will need an independent and thorough investigation of the incident. And you need the expertise to develop standards and procedures to safeguard against future problems. But if you are like many corporations, you don’t have the resources or knowledge to develop these plans or to train your personnel in these skills. SFE can provide that training, and will also provide complete forensic consulting services related to criminal or civil litigation.


Forensic Consulting

Schwarz Forensic consults with governmental, corporate, and legal clients in the area of criminal and civil investigation and litigation.


No organization should implement a new security technology or protocol without a comprehensive plan to validate the improvement. SFE is experienced with the testing and evaluation of biometric related security systems and will offer independent advice to your organization about any proposed upgrade.


Incident Investigation

There is no substitute for timely and skilled investigation when a critical incident occurs. Schwarz Forensic Enterprises is ready with a team of experienced professionals who will apply state of the art crime scene investigation skills to maximize outcomes. You will know what happened, why it happened, and who was responsible.


A law enforcement or fire investigation will only go so far. Public safety agencies have limited budgets and are interested only in a determination if a criminal act occurred. If they determine that no crime occurred (or that the suspect is deceased or beyond their jurisdiction) the investigation will quickly come to a halt. SFE will bridge this gap and answer the questions you have - not just what the local police department has done. You will control the scope and purpose of the investigation. This level of control comes only through an independent and private investigation.


It is critically important to provide an immediate response. SFE is ready to respond to domestic and international incidents. Timely collection of evidence and the comprehensive documentation of an incident scene is crucial to producing reliable and useful information. Once control of an incident scene has been lost it can never be recreated.


SFE understands what is necessary to produce evidence which will be fully admissible and accepted in any legal proceeding. Our experts will document an incident scene so that a jury can understand your side of the story and be persuaded by your claims.


Corporation/Private Security Training

In many jurisdictions, local law enforcement agencies are unable or unwilling to provide crime scene support for property crimes. Law enforcement agencies also will not cooperate in non-criminal matters, making evidence collection for corporate internal investigations difficult. Even if law enforcement responds to a crime, there may be a need for independent and more thorough efforts to investigate the incident.


In short, the private security industry needs to offer crime scene processing to their clients; however, they do not have the resources or knowledge to train their personnel in these vital skills. Crime scene processing instruction is currently limited to governmental clients.


Schwarz Forensic Enterprises (SFE) offers state of the art training for the private security industry for processing of crime scenes.


Our areas of instruction include:

  • Initial Response
  • Crime Scene Security
  • Photography
  • Documentation
  • Identification and Seizure of Relevant Evidence
  • Chain of Custody
  • Report Writing
  • Evidence Storage
  • Policy and Procedure


Crime scene processing is a valuable service. You can stay ahead of the competition by providing this service to your clients at a relatively low cost. SFE will provide your staff with the same high-level crime scene training received by federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel.


Your personnel will be trained to collect relevant physical evidence such as:

  • Latent Prints
  • DNA
  • Hair, Fiber, and Other Trace Evidence
  • Toolmark Impressions
  • Tire tread Impressions
  • Footwear Impressions


Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a constant threat to any organization. SFE has a patent pending biometric system designed to detect and prevent fraud schemes perpetrated by an individual using another's identity. Our technology will allow your organization to defeat these fraudsters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my local law enforcement agency accept evidence gathered by a private security company?


With the high-level training, tools, and skills your staff will receive, the quality and integrity of their work will speak for itself. In support of your efforts to collaborate with local law enforcement agencies, SFE will also provide training on how to build relationships with these agencies and to help them understand your capabilities.


How long does the training take?


SFE will work with you to design a training session that meets your needs. We offer crime scene processing classes in two to five day formats. Most customers will wish to have select personnel receive more advanced training in areas such as night photography or development of latent prints from complex surfaces. Follow up is a key factor in staying up to date on new technologies and issues in the field.


What equipment and facilities are required to offer crime scene processing services?


A basic crime scene kit can easily fit in the trunk of a car. SFE will consult with you and help you develop a customized set of services based on your needs and resources.