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Biometric Identification: What Is It Used For?


Schwarz Forensic Biometric Identification is designed to give the maximum opportunity to identify, rescue, or recover a client in a worst-case scenario. It is unpleasant, but necessary, to consider the hazards faced in disasters or kidnapping scenarios. Biometric Identification collects the information necessary to bring a loved one home or to conclusively identify that individual in the case of death.

Consider for example, an airplane crash in a remote area. It may take several days for rescue crews to reach the site. Their task in such a scenario is extremely difficult – sorting out numerous human remains to determine who died. In such a scenario SFE’s work will allow the response team to quickly bring the client’s remains home and give closure to a grieving family. Not only will this have emotional and spiritual benefits to the family there are important legal considerations as well. Imagine the pain of loss being compounded by a prolonged legal fight to declare an individual deceased and resolve estate and life insurance issues.

Biometric Identification is also highly useful in a kidnapping scenario. The information we gather will allow either local law enforcement or your kidnapping rescue team to exploit information gathered in the field to identify the location of your captivity and bring you home. For example, imagine the benefit to investigators evaluating a possible location where you were held if they had a complete set of your footprints on file. Forensic examination of the location could quickly determine if you had been held there. Without obtaining this information in advance the rescue team would not have that important lead to exploit.