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2014-07-25 | Why bringing bodies home matters
Throughout history, most cultures have emphasized the management of the bodies of the deceased. Indeed, cultures around the world (and religions are a part of one's culture) still observe different, important, traditions for what happens with human remains, most commonly ranging from burial to various forms of cremation.

2014-07-16 | Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Thugs Kidnap American 'Courier' in SC
Today, authorities identified three purported members of a Mexican drug cartel as the alleged kidnappers of a South Carolina man last week, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District of Court of South Carolina.

2014-07-08 | 8 steps to negotiate kidnap & ransom demands
Kidnap for ransom doesn’t have to end badly, and in the great majority of cases, concludes with the hostage’s safe release. During a recent visit to XL’s downtown Manhattan offices, National Underwriter P&C received a crash course in some of the strategies employed in the long, painful process of getting your loved ones home safely.

2014-06-16 | Kidnap And The Liability Of Businesses
Employers owe a duty of care to their employees, and how far this duty extends in order to ensure the safety of individuals is brought sharply into focus when employees of a business find themselves victims of a kidnap event.

2014-06-06 | Giving In to Terrorist Demands 'Perpetuates the Action' of Kidnappings
A reporter asked spokesperson Jen Psaki about a UN resolution to discourage private companies from paying ransom to terrorists for the release of kidnap victims. The reporter said that "basically, these companies paying a ransom through their own insurance is really one of the only ways that we’ve seen success of release of these kidnapping victims." Despite the apparent "success," Psaki told the reporter that giving in to the terrorists' demands simply "perpetuates the action":

2014-05-30 | Chinese, Filipino kidnapped in Malaysia rescued
Two Philippine security officials who have been monitoring kidnappings in the south confirmed the two women had been released by Abu Sayyaf militants in Parang township in the southern Philippine province of Sulu after a series of negotiations. The two were served lunch by local police and then escorted out of Sulu on board a speedboat back to Sabah, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

2014-05-29 | Kidnapping for ransom and extortion on increase in emerging markets
With kidnapping incidents in the spotlight right now, kidnap for ransom and extortion (KRE) insurance is increasingly becoming part of the corporate insurance arsenal, no longer seen as standalone cover by corporates, but as a part of the complete duty of care for their employees. “There is estimated to be between 15 000 to 20 000 kidnap for ransom and extortion incidents every year, but the reality is that many more go unreported."

2014-05-28 | Abu Sayyaf militants free Filipino businesswoman who had been held in jungle for 3 months
Abu Sayyaf militants freed a businesswoman Wednesday by abandoning her near an airport in the southern Philippines after holding her in the jungle for more than three months, officials said.

2014-05-27 | Atlanta man describes kidnap, torture in Nigeria
But, before the rented guns came into the conversation, Ordu was tortured, beaten, and interrogated daily about where his family was and how much money they could pay for a ransom. "They started burning me with cigarettes, punching me in the face, I was blindfolded. I was blind for nine days. They never took it off my face," Ordu said. "I didn't see sky or sun until the day I was released. They kept asking where is my wife, where is my family, if I don't tell them where my family is they are going to slaughter me and throw my body in the front of the university."

2014-05-25 | My interview with a private hostage negotiator
Met with a very unusual gentleman recently, smartly dressed who turns out to be a real life kidnap negotiator. You would, of course never know it by looking at him that he did this kind of work. The man, in his late 50′s had read some of my articles online and expressed an interest in my doing an article on hostage negotiation. Why he chose me I’m not exactly sure. He could have been interviewed by any news organization I’m sure.

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