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2014-04-03 | Gunmen kidnap 2 people in Malaysia
A kidnap-for-ransom gang based in the southern Philippines is suspected of seizing a Chinese tourist and a receptionist from a dive resort in eastern Malaysia, authorities said Thursday. The kidnapping late Wednesday underscored the persistent security threats in Sabah state, a popular tourist destination a short boat ride from the southern Philippines, which has long been home to a dangerous mix of Muslim militants and kidnap gangs. Seven men armed with rifles, four of them masked, raided the Singamata Reef Resort after arriving there on a speedboat, according to a police statement. The 28-year-old woman from Shanghai was seized from the balcony of her room, Sabah police Commissioner Hamza Taib told local media. The other victim was a 40-year-old female Philippine citizen.

2014-04-02 | 5000 unclaimed bodies a ‘vast human tragedy’
Of the 5 786, some 5 352 of them were unidentified. “The main reasons for either unclaimed or unidentified bodies include foreigners, decomposed, mutilated bodies, skeletal remains and indigent families identifying but not claiming the body because they cannot afford to bury it,” said DA health spokesperson Jack Bloom. “The huge number of unclaimed and unidentified bodies is a vast human tragedy.”

2014-04-01 | ID match on Tacloban bodies, survivors set
According to Dr Nicasio Botin, team leader of the NBI Disaster Victims Identification team, the ante- and post-mortem identification is set after Holy Week and will last for about six weeks for the gathering of DNA samples. The entire process, however, will take 3 years to finish, said Botin. The NBI said that about 2,241 bodies recovered here have already undergone post-mortem identification as of March 23. Of the 2,241 bodies, eight were claimed by their families while 2, 233 were buried at the Holy Cross Memorial Park.

2014-03-31 | 2 Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria go free
Two Spanish journalists freed after being held hostage for more than six months in Syria by a rogue al-Qaida group returned home Sunday to an emotional welcome from friends and colleagues.

2014-03-29 | Washington mudslide: Official toll stays same as crews find more bodies, but no IDs yet
The grueling process of locating, extracting and identifying human remains from the unstable debris covering the community of Oso northeast of Seattle has slowed the release of information by the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office to a trickle.

2014-03-28 | Yolanda victims’ bodies still being found; identification process to last 3 years
Although the body was now in an advanced state of decay, they were able to identify her through her clothes. She was found inside a ruined radio station in Tacloban City by authorities who were cleaning up rubble. A victim of Typhoon Yolanda, her body had lain there since November, while all this time her family searched for her and feared the worst.

2014-03-28 | Why identifying mudslide victims seems to take so long
As of Friday night, the number of missing and likely dead remained at 90. Another 35 people, who may have been in the area at the time of the mudslide, are listed as “still unknown at this time,” officials said. But the number of dead remained unclear Friday night, even as the county sought to clarify the process by which officials confirm fatalities. Gary Haakenson, the county’s executive director for public safety, said the number remains at 17, unchanged from the morning despite a daylong search.

2014-03-27 | Gov't efforts vs KFRG in Zambo yield results with arrest of kidnap leader
Authorities tagged Aburi as a leader of a notorious group, which is linked with the Basilan-based Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who was responsible for as series of kidnapping and extortion activities in Zamboanga Peninsula.

2014-03-27 | Uganda Lake Albert boat disaster: 107 bodies found
Rescue workers in Uganda have so far recovered 107 bodies, including those of 57 children, after a boat capsized on Saturday on Lake Albert, a government minister has said. The boat was taking refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo back to their home country when it capsized. It had a capacity to carry only 80 passengers, but up to 250 people were on board, officials said.

2014-03-25 | The 7 countries you’re most likely to be kidnapped
WHILE the odds of you getting kidnapped on holiday are about as good as catching an on-time flight from a budget airline, if it happens you’re probably not gonna have Liam Neeson around to kill half of France in order to rescue you.

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