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2014-12-03 | Piracy, Kidnap & Ransom: UK bans ransom payments by insurers
On 26 November 2014 the British Home Secretary introduced the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill (the Bill) to Parliament, part of which deals specifically with prohibiting the payment of insurance claims in respect of payments made in response to terrorist demands.

2014-11-26 | Dead on the tracks, 40 bodies lie unidentified
Others allege that the GRP staffers are not only careless while handling such cases, but also often destroy any identification proof available on purpose, to avoid a prolonged follow-up procedure. “If the deceased were to be identified, it would involve a lot of paperwork and procedures for the police, and so, they try to avoid identification in the panchnama,” said another railway official.

2014-11-21 | All Air Algeria crash victims identified
The remains of victims from July's mysterious Air Algeria crash in Mali, which include two Luxembourers, have been identified and are to be returned to their families, the French foreign ministry said Friday.

2014-09-19 | Norm Pattis: There’s a cold logic in refusing to pay ransom to terroists
As a matter of law and policy, the United States refuses to pay ransom, or to negotiate the payment of ransoms, to those who kidnap Americans. What’s more, federal officials vow prosecution of Americans who pay ransom to terrorists. The result is that families with loved ones held by such groups as ISIS are left in impotent rage: Try to save their loved one, but risk prosecution by their government for doing so.

2014-09-15 | Array Professors as Respondents for Wrong Identification: HC in Beas Tragedy Case
The professors had identified a male dead body found on June 19 as that of M Shiva Prakash, which was handed over to his parents. But another dead body was recovered on July 13 in decomposed state with belongings of M Shiva Prakash. The body was sent to Hyderabad and according to the report of Forensic Science Laboratory there, on the basis of DNA test, the body was that of Shiva Prakash.

2014-09-09 | Assess your risk to employee kidnapping
Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and serve two main purposes: to financially reimburse companies for losses that they sustained from an event like kidnapping, extortion, hijacking and detention; and to provide priority access to highly experienced crisis response consultants, who offer invaluable advice to clients during an incident.

2014-09-03 | 'No ransom' hostage policy
Kidnapping hostages is an easy spoil, one al-Qaeda leader wrote to another in 2012, marveling over the amount of money terrorist groups can extort from the West with little effort. Indeed, al-Qaeda and its franchises have taken in more than $125 million in ransom since 2008, according to an estimate by The New York Times, including $66 million in the last year alone. The money makes terror groups bigger and more difficult to defeat — and more likely to take additional hostages.

2014-09-01 | Forensics is not just for crime solving
Identifying dead bodies is a science, said the forensic expert who led a team composed of personnel from the Department of Health, International Red Cross and Asia Foundation in Yolanda-hit Leyte and Samar provinces. “Do you have dental records or a file with your fingerprints on it?” she asked her young audience. Dentures, DNA and fingerprints were still the best ways to identify people, she said. Prosthetic devices, like hip replacements, could also be significant as they had serial numbers.

2014-08-27 | Forensic experts identify 173 victims of Malaysia Airlines crash
“I think that the fact we have gotten DNA profiles in quite a short time from three-quarters of the remains is good. But I am, of course, not satisfied,” Heijnen told reporters in The Hague. “We want more DNA profiles from remains and we will carry on to get them. It becomes, understandably, more difficult and sadly more time consuming to do that but taking care is paramount.”

2014-08-25 | James Foley's Kidnapping And Death Reveal Inconsistencies In US, European Policies
One kidnapping and ransom expert said that in not accepting the deal offered by ISIS the United States was showing the inconsistency its kidnapping policy. “You could question if there is some hypocrisy involved,” said Mike Ackerman, a former CIA operative who is now the director of the Ackerman Group, which offers expertise in counterterrorism and negotiation. “They did a prisoner swap for Bergdahl in exchange for five senior terrorist leaders. Why not Foley?”

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