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2014-03-24 | Bodies of Fleming couple found in north Florida river
Grace Maynard was found wearing a life jacket, but without identification, according to a press release from the FWC. Investigators found a floating cooler three miles upstream with her husband's wallet inside.

2014-03-24 | DNA samples taken: 35 bodies of Hub tragedy yet to be identified
At least 36 people were killed when two passenger coaches and a pickup rammed into an overturned truck on the RCD Highway near Hub. All the vehicles caught fire after the collision since at least one coach and the truck were allegedly carrying oil smuggled from Iran. The bodies of all the victims, some of them said to be employees of Pakistan Navy, were charred beyond recognition.

2014-03-23 | Petrol station worker jailed for helping £500,000 kidnap plot of British couple in India
On arrival in Chennai, they were met at the airport by a man purporting to be from their hotel. He took the couple to a waiting vehicle where they were kidnapped at knifepoint and driven away from the airport. They were told they would be killed if they did not pay a ransom of £500,000. The ransom demand was later reduced to £300,000.

2014-03-22 | pleads guilty for trying to kidnap toddler for ransom
Battikh was having financial trouble and intended to demand a ransom of $500,000 from the wealthy family of the three-year-old victim. ​Battikh tried to kidnap the boy on the afternoon of Dec. 19, 2012, when his father went to pick him up from daycare.

2014-03-20 | Alleged head of gang that kidnapped Australian, massacred 10 Badjaos falls to CIDG
The police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group on Thursday said it had captured the alleged leader of a kidnap-for-ransom gang responsible for the 2011 abduction of Australian Warren Rodwell and the Christmas massacre that killed at least eight Badjao fishermen.

2014-03-19 | Woman preparing to bury daughter discovers it’s not her
A woman asked to see her daughter’s body at a Lakewood funeral home. Shock and relief washed over her when she realized that the person in the casket was not her daughter. The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office admitted Wednesday that it made a mistake in identifying the body.

2014-01-07 | The Places You’re Most Likely to Get Kidnapped
Unless you’re the kind of person who heads to the swamps of Nigeria for a little R&R, it’s unlikely you’ve given much thought to the threat of kidnapping when planning your trips. But kidnapping has boomed over the past decade, thanks to the growing socioeconomic divide around the globe and the spread of radical groups. While kidnappers used to target rich locals, and the abductions were largely confined to a handful of countries, these days foreign business executives and tourists are now just as likely to be the victims, and the abductions can happen virtually anywhere. Public policy groups estimate there were more than 100,000 kidnappings around the world last year, including locals and foreigners.

2012-11-19 | Kidnapped teens found dead
He identified the victims as Robert Solis Mena, 17, and Dario Javier Benavides Hernandez, 18, and said they were killed even though their families paid a ransom of 12 million pesos ($6,500).

2012-11-19 | Reeling under Kidnappers' onslaught
In ‘the Eastern Heartland’ the fear of kidnappers is the beginning of wisdom as people dread being abducted almost anywhere and their families forced to pay huge ransoms for heir freedom, which ,unfortunately, is not guaranteed. Almost anyone can be kidnapped : medical doctors,journalists, politicians, top civil servants, traditional rulers and even women have fallen prey.

2012-11-19 | NYC seeking to ID Potter's field bodies with help of DNA
(AP) NEW YORK — On a wind-swept island off New York City, the remains of 850,000 people rest in pine boxes in a grid of covered trenches — but many are not resting in peace. They are the unidentified or unclaimed dead who have been found around the nation's largest city — often with little hope of a loved one ever knowing their fate.

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