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2014-04-30 | Rape suspect released as 'twin brother' twist snags prosecutors
Dwayne McNair, 33, of Jamaica Plain and Dedham, was released from an eight-count indictment that charged him with raping two young women with an accomplice, Anwar Thomas. Prosecutors attempted to use a newly developed, state-of-the-art DNA test they said could determine whether Dwayne McNair was the rapist. The test is said to be precise enough to distinguish his DNA from that of his identical twin, Dwight McNair.

2014-04-28 | Hundreds in Delaware drug cases could walk
Prosecutors are hoping to salvage some pending drug cases by avoiding taking any to trial right now, according to state prosecutor Kathleen Jennings, who said a trial would force the state to disclose details about the criminal investigation of the state's Controlled Substances Lab and potentially undermine the investigation.

2014-04-18 | Suspect in Twin Cities meth-related kidnappings reported arrested in LA
A kidnapping suspect charged in St. Paul was arrested in Los Angeles on Thursday after police closed off several downtown streets following a car chase that ended with him escaping on foot, KABC-TV reported. Jesus Ramirez was taken into custody at the Pepper Tree Motel in North Hollywood about 5:30 p.m. PDT, KABC said. He was to be booked into a local jail. A few hours earlier, FBI and Los Angeles police pursued Ramirez after he was seen running into a building in the 800 block of Broadway after abandoning a Ford Expedition. A perimeter was set up in the area but he remained at large until his arrest.

2014-04-17 | Minnesota kidnap suspect caught after Calif. chase
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A kidnapping suspect from Minnesota has been arrested after leading police on a car chase into downtown Los Angeles where he escaped officers on foot.

2014-04-17 | Can My Department Benefit from Mobile ID Fingerprint Devices?
This report provides a “landscape” view of the issues and products associated with mobile devices for fingerprint identification, with a focus on forensic applications. The document is intended to furnish laboratory managers and investigators with a survey of current commercially available products. In addition, the report provides decisionmakers and potential end users with •examples that illustrate successful adoption; •issues to consider related to implementation of mobile ID devices; •and a snapshot of current mobile ID technologies. Upon review, the reader may better understand whether mobile ID devices can benefit his or her organization and how to proceed with selecting a platform and implementing use.

2014-04-16 | 2 Twin Cities kidnappings blamed on dealers wanting 30 pounds of stolen meth
Two people were kidnapped, taken to a house in St. Paul and assaulted while their relatives were told to return 30 pounds of methamphetamine or pay a $300,000 ransom, according to a complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court.

2014-04-14 | New FBI fingerprint technology key to resolving Illinois cold case
New FBI technology — including a sharper fingerprint identification system — is helping police resolve cold cases, such as the 1997 slaying of a teenage runaway from the northwest suburbs whose alleged killer was charged with the crime just last week. The federal agency's Next Generation Identification system sounds like the name of a futuristic crime show — and in some ways, it resembles one, with cutting-edge advances rolled out over the past few years.

2014-04-14 | Drug Tampering at Florida Lab Prompts Changes
State attorneys throughout Florida said it remains unclear how many cases will be dropped because of Joseph Graves' alleged thefts. Evidence seized by 80 law enforcement agencies in 35 of Florida's 67 counties may have been compromised. "This has created a very difficult burden on our entire office. A very significant amount of manpower has been devoted to this," said State Attorney Bill Eddins, who said investigators have reviewed more than 2,600 cases Graves handled since 2006 and have found 53 in Eddins' district where drug evidence appears to have been compromised.

2014-04-01 | Smartphone Technology for Capturing Untreated Latent Fingerprints Feasibility Research
the objective of the research is to determine the feasibility of using digital images of untreated latent fingerprints for identification purposes to support the original proposal of creating a portable handheld imaging device for latent fingerprints.

2014-03-31 | Designing labs for lean operation
The design, layout and placement of labs have a significant impact on lab processes, behaviors and communications. A “good” design will proactively support lean processes—including flow, visual management, standard work and excellence in workplace organization—whereas a “bad” design may create waste and make flow more difficult.

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